Be Armenian

Be Armenian

Be Expressive. Be Original. Be Armenian.

FREE Armenian eCards

Make the most of any special occasion by sending an eCard to your loved ones. Choose from a variety of different images and messages, or even write your own message. After the card is ready, simply let the person know you are thinking of them by sharing it through e-mail or sending it via Facebook.

Mesropatar Armenian Keyboard

Tired of expressing yourself in Latin letters, but bearing with it because it’s easier? Struggle no more. Be Armenian allows you to make the most of the beautiful language by typing every letter exactly as it is supposed to be. Mesropatar FREE Armenian keyboard is also incredibly easy to use: simply add it to your iDevices, and use it any time you wish. Our unique keyboard allows you to customize the theme to suit your preferences. With our special collection of skins and themes, you will never want to switch back to your old keyboard.

Now comes in Eastern and Western Armenian editions.




Take your pick from a variety of Armenian related wallpapers to suit your taste. We have everything, from photographs of renowned monuments and churches, to images of beautiful relics and ornaments, and even paintings by your favourite artists. Simply select your desired wallpaper, press download and embrace your heritage wherever you go. For more information, make the most of the "information" button to find out some interesting facts about the image, and possibly track the location.

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Armenian Initials

If you’re looking for more personalized wallpapers, then try out our Armenian initial designer. This cool feature allows you to display your name in Armenian, giving you the chance to design each letter as beautifully as possible. Now you can turn your own name into traditionally-themed wallpaper, and make it look stylish as ever.

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